Pre-landing for arbitration. Practice guide

Also called arbitration pad. They are necessary to warm the audience, and often such sites are disguised as well-known Internet portals. In general, we will now look at everything with examples that can be downloaded (at the end of the article) and used to make money in arbitrage.

What is a pre-lender? Purpose and why they are used

Seal, Transit are alternative names. The page that precedes the main page (landing page).

In most cases, after clicking on the ad, a person immediately reaches the sales platform, where he tries to immediately close it for the application. But the person is still “cold” when buying, has not made a definite decision, has doubts, etc. Customers need to be urged to buy, warmed up.

It’s more valuable to read other people’s reviews first, trust will be higher, and once you move on to landing for sale, you will be more trusted. Which leads to higher sales and conversions.

Each honey barrel has its own downer so in this case.

First, is the loss of some of the audience (which may come back later).

It turns out that there will always be people who are immediately ready to buy or who don’t like the information on the site. There will always be losses, no matter how small.

Second, it’s not always necessary to use page transitions.

Most likely, it’s a matter of refereeing experience, but it’s still a minus.

Passability (drilling) approach vehicle

This is the number of people who reached the main website, e.g. B. 100 people click on the ad and only 8 people reach the main website which is 8% of the traffic.

For each offer type, geographic location, etc. Different cross-country indicators, for example for dating standards, when 50% and for some products even 10% are very good. Each niche and industry will have its own value to the country.

Where to get preliminary conclusions?

Generally, in affiliate programs, each CPA network has its own bidder.

For example KMA, we enter a description of each product and there is an appropriate section.

I think this is the case with all affiliate programs, the downside of this method is that everyone uses it and some materials can lose their effectiveness.

Also, it’s hard to get past moderation with them, as they’ve been used so many times. The only way to solve the problem is to put the pre-landers together.

survey relevance

Relevance is the match between what someone sees in a promotional message (in an ad) and what they see on a landing page (a tentative legend).

This is a very important indicator.

Proper creativity is the foundation of a successful relationship.

When someone clicks they need to be held at this stage, every click can translate into a conversion.

Structure before landing. HPAMR Methodology

Its main purpose is to inspire trust and user orientation. We need to ensure that the user’s trust in the preview is maximized. Then drilling is the best.

In fact, all intermediate landing pages were created using the HPAMR method, here are the transcripts:

We are talking about professional performance, all texts are adapted to this technique. It is the most effective, its success is based on how the human soul works in most cases.



There is a title that attracts attention and encourages reading of the text (article). After introducing the main character of the text, it can be a famous person, blogger, opinion leader or an ordinary person.

Problems – stories about problems

It is necessary to indicate problems, difficulties of the protagonist, obstacles on the way to the goal, dreams, etc. In this story, the reader must recognize himself, his problems and pain. That is, there must be empathy.

Assistant – we show how heroes learn how to solve problems.

Magic tools – then he found a tool, a way… something really helpful. And the hero’s life has changed, everything is fine.

Resolution – The last part. Description of the results obtained, recommendations to readers. Then expert opinion, reviews, etc.

Basic face block

Example of a weight loss theme.


In this case, hats are made for famous women’s publications, authoritative sources, opinion leaders, famous blogs, etc. The rest of the website adapts to the header style.


Something to attract attention. That’s clear I think. This is one of the most important blocks.

This is the main block of the Arbitration Board.

Final blocks and design recommendations

Use real photos that users haven’t seen.

Not overloaded

2-3 links, call to action

GEO working script, user city name downloaded.

The article material, once mastered, will help you learn how to use Preliding effectively in practice. This way you can get more conversions and your profits will grow.