What is social media marketing? Everything you need to know

Social media marketing (or QMS) is an important strategy for modern brands. A company cannot stay away from global communication channels and remain successful. Therefore, you need to know each platform well and develop a plan to improve your performance on each one.

The world is dominated by social media. Here you can chat, view family photos, meet old friends, discuss today’s trends and of course keep up with brand news.

This is the holy grail of digital marketing.

This is why social media marketing is important for businesses to communicate and engage with their audience.

Brands need to be featured on major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more recently TikTok. Each social platform offers brands of different research options with their own characteristics, target groups, formats and communication channels.

It’s important to understand their capabilities and how they can help your brand develop a digital marketing plan that aligns with your business mission.

Follow this guide to better understand how to use social media marketing and how to get the best results from each platform.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a combination of brand promotion strategies on the internet to achieve general and specific marketing objectives. It allows you to find your audience on social media and work to incorporate your brand into their daily lives. This makes it recognizable and relevant to a specific audience.

It also increases engagement from the platform and attracts more potential converting customers, which increases your sales.

While many people, even professionals, think of social media marketing as publishing, many other activities are required to succeed in this area:

  • planning
  • content production
  • Interaction with customers and the wider audience
  • investment in advertising
  • monitoring
  • strategy optimization
  • These are the pillars of social media marketing that will help you structure your online presence. To get tangible and lasting results, your work needs to cover every job.

Why should you do social media marketing?

Since the advent of social media, this format has become an important part of every company’s marketing plan. Social media has brought brands and audiences closer than ever before, changing the way customers and brands communicate. This scenario was a revelation for the company, which found a number of benefits associated with this more direct communication. Let’s take a look at the main benefits of social media marketing for brands around the world.

Increase engagement

Social media is unique compared to other marketing channels because of the power of engagement and subsequent (and current) engagement. Customers will always be passive viewers, for example when watching TV spots or billboards. But on social media, he can click, like, comment, share, and reply among many possible interactions.

In theory, customers stay close to your brand on a daily basis, with small, barely perceptible interactions each time they use the platform. Social media allows your business to increase engagement and strengthen connections with audiences. A community has developed around the brand.

Increase brand reach

There are more than 4 billion social media users worldwide. That number is almost half of our total population. These incredible numbers show us the main reason why companies invest so much in social media: to be seen by as many people as possible. Achieving extraordinary results in your region, city and country open doors to the entire planet through the internet.

Humanizing the brand

Social media is an opportunity to show people what your brand is; shows that it is more than just product and price. You can use it to showcase content behind the scenes, use language that is more approachable, more friendly, and position yourself on a par with all other users.

Brands can capture their individuality on social media. This can be achieved when brands share their values, vision and principles. Featuring this in your content will make your brand less mechanical or cold and encourage more human and authentic interactions.

Generate more traffic and conversions

Even with the word “social”, this network is not only for building your brand image. So far, we’ve seen how they help businesses increase reach, engagement, and authenticity. But they can also contribute directly to deeper stages of the buyer’s journey. Lastly, social media is the perfect channel to target your prospects with richer content.

This is an opportunity to showcase your blog posts, interactive content, conversion pages, digital products, brand contact pages, etc. Some networks now offer the ability to sell products within the platform itself to take shortcuts and increase your chances of selling. Followers are always potential customers today.

Allows you to get to know your audience better

This close relationship between brands and customers isn’t just about them knowing it, it’s also about how you can understand them better. You can use these interactions to talk to other people to find out what they like, what motivates them to participate.

The platform offers rich data about the audience that follows your brand such as age, gender, location, employment status, interests, etc. It is very important to create a buyer persona.

You can even find out what they think of your brand by tracking mentions and posts with your name. It’s always good to know how they view your business so you can adjust your strategy.

Optimize ad segmentation

Combining advertising with your audience’s knowledge is a powerful way to increase your conversion rate. The platform offers a kind of big data advertising plan.

With all the information they collect from users, they allow you to refine your ads so that you reach the audience you want. This will make your marketing investment more effective and profitable.

How do you do social media marketing?

For a long time, brands were seen as pushy on social media. After all, this platform was originally created to bring people together, not businesses. But over time, social media has had the opposite effect. Brands are a part of people’s lives today and they want to know everything about the products they consume.

These relationships are even encouraged within the network because they represent a way to monetize entire ecosystems. It is safe to say that today this social network cannot exist without the presence of a brand. But only those who understand the media and plan wisely can succeed in such a competitive environment. That means you need a specific strategy for each channel to achieve your goals.

Below are the top tips for creating an effective social media plan, structuring your presence, and reaching a larger audience.


Now that we’ve introduced you to the basics of social media marketing, it’s your turn to experiment, test your audience, and evaluate which platform might work best for you.

The ultimate goal is to align your strategy with your audience’s expectations and marketing goals.

Social media can be your ally to drive more reach, engagement, and execution.

Finally, one thing that almost all social networks have in common today is how videos grab attention and go viral.